Worksets to Legible List in Open/Close Sheet

Working on my firm’s open/close screen. I’m trying to make an automated list that reports all the worksets in the project to my startup screen. I’ve gotten the text to show up and I’m so close to finishing it but I’m having trouble formatting my text in the way I want it to show. All of the workset names are showing up on the same line when I want them to be spaced out so you can read them. Ideally I would like more control over where these text items are placed, in both horizontal and vertical positions

Here’s my current dynamo script:

Do they need to be separate pieces of text? You could just use a String.Join with a line drop as your separator. That’ll give you a vertical list.

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I was able to figure it out [somewhat] but the solution seems messy to me. There’s likely a cleaner way to do this and the resulting list isn’t highly formattable but it works. If anyone has some advice they’d like to pass my way so I can improve, I’m all ears.

@Hamish that worked great. Thanks for the tip! Sometimes I feel like I’m just missing 10% of the dynamo language. The joys of being new at something.

Revised Script: