Workset Name By Id

Hello !

I have a Design Script node issue to convert a workset Id coming from “Get parameter value by name” of a detail element, to a string that can be used to populate an other parameter of the detail element.


It worked few days ago, and is now broken … any idea of how I could to the same action with aother method ?

Try Workset.ById node from Orchid.

I don’t know why Installing Orchid in Dynamo 2.1.0 does not seems to work … I can’t see the package in the Library

Hi Daniel,

It could be a namespace issue (probably with archilab) or the package is not installed.

Thank you Alban,

I couldn’t find an Orchid package for 2.1.x so I copy the files in the package folder of 2.0.x version to 2.1 … and it worked !

I did not need to add “Orchid.” in front of the comand but the word “Workset” turned from grey to blue …

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