Works when run manually but doesn't work with batch processor

hello everyone,

I have a graph that spits out the size of Revit file.
When I run manually, the correct file size value shows up on the Excel sheet.
However, when I use batch processor to run the same exact file + Dynamo script, it doesn’t.

I tried 3 different ways of doing it but no good.

What kind of problem am I in right now? It’s weird that it works with manual run but doesn’t with batch processor.

I have other graphs and they seem to work with batch processor - just file size.

Thank you in advance!

@mixology I would recommend you to go through the RBP’s readme thoroughly. You might find something there.

What is happening in the Python nodes? Did you put in the boilerplate code as suggested in the readme?

You can always report issues with RBP as suggested:

Also, see if this limitation might be a cause to your problem: