Working on Centralized Server deployment with plug-ins and Dynamo

We’ve been building a back end for our spooling process in Dynamo and using Robocopy scripts to distribute it across all of our detailers. I’ve recently used some packaged nodes from Spring nodes, and shortly after we consolidated a plug-ins directory for Dynamo (Marvelous work there dev guys for the flexibility of where and how plug-ins are installed!)

We quickly learned certain 3rd party nodes are needing to write to the plug-in directory itself, where the built in tools don’t have this necessity to work. (Read only access on our plug in directory on the server caused Dynamo to lock in a loop on opening if it were using ANY Spring nodes installed script. OOTB nodes didn’t have this issue.

Have I been lucky so far in Dynamo needing node access? Since Dynamo is installed on each users machine, the nodes from OOTB configuration would all have read/write on the local machine? Or, am I way off here?

@Dimitar_Venkov I think your the author on Spring Nodes, does this sound right to you?
(We set the server directory to read/write and all of our test machine execute the nodes flawlessly again.)

While I do know that some package authors are doing more complicated things and writing and reading at runtime from their package directories - though I think the issue that you are finding is probably due to Dynamo trying to save backups of the package custom nodes into the read only directory.

I think we have fixed this in Dynamo 1.1 - it’s in the daily builds, try giving that a shot.