Working in Revit 2013, Vassari Beta 3

I am still using Revit 2013, but I would like to try Vasari. I have both installed, but work I have done in Vasari can't be opened in Revit. Is there a way to work this way? Is there a place where I can download a vasari that will play nice with 2013?


Thanks Daniel! Before I got this msg, I just googled Beta 2 and found a link for's still kicking around apparently

Good question!

It is removed from the download area now.

I could share the beta 2 with you through this link:

It takes properly some time to download it.

Thanks for the response. It really wasn't clear before whether V3 would work or not with it.

You have to use Vasari beta 2. But unfortunately it expires end of august.

just to clarify, the question is, which Vasari can I use with Revit 2013? help?