Work Share Monitor and Dynamo Player

Wondering if anyone else (@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi maybe?) has had issues with workshare monitor ceasing to function after running a script with UI++ nodes via Dynamo Player. Soon as I run any one of several scripts via player the WSM shows: “No workshared files are currently open. Open a file in Revit to view it’s worksharing activities.”

In order to get it back I’m having to re-launch revit and WSM. Very frustrating. Can’t yet confirm if it’s all Dynamo Player scripting stuff, all data-shapes involved scripts, or if it’s the combination of the two. It has Happened on multiple systems.

Revit 2017.2, build 17.0.1117.0
Workshare Monitor for revit 2017, build 17.0.476
Datashapes 2017.6.7

We are experiencing this in 17/18/19. we’re not on dynamo 2.0 yet though. Have you found a solution yet @jacob.small?

WSM is very buggy by itself. Typically working with it for a day usually resulted in an issue of some sort along these lines. Add in its lack of functionality for cloud hosted models (BIM360 Design or Collaboration for Revit) I personally stopped hunting for a fix - Dynamo Player is way more useful than WSM is so I loved without WSM.

That said, I’ll discuss this internally next week.


Any updates to this? I’ve been running into the same issue.

No updates at this time.

Unfortunately, we’ve got the same problem in Revit 18/19 (didn’t test 21), which is really annoying for a lot of my colleagues. A solution for this would be great :slight_smile: