Wish: Option to not run nodes in area of Graph (Excel, etc) - Maybe a Refinery freeze node

I know about freezing nodes and I have a switch so every time the code runs it does not update an excel file, unless i switch a boolean switch, but even so as it is sending an empty list or even sending null data to the file path, You can see excel flashing with every iteration of Refinery. I know i can freeze the node so it does not run, but having to remember to keep freezing and un-freezing whenever i need it could mean output data does not get updated.

Would it be possible to have a Refinery freeze node/ like the data remember node, so that everything connected from this would be frozen. I thought about having it as an option in the drop-down but there is already a freeze option and would be very hard to debug if you did not know why refinery was not running certain nodes as they would not be frozen in dynamo.

Note this is a Duplicate post also posted here, but thought it made sense to post it to the wider audience see if it would be of help and interest to others as not replies on my original in the Refinery Forum.


Glad you posted this to the Refinery forum as well. :slight_smile:

While we wait for that team to review, I think you might want to try reworking your graph so that the file name is also passed as a null when your Boolean is false. I think this should cause the node to error and excel to not open.

The idea of an If statement and changing the file name to null was my first thought, but if you change it so the file name is null refinery just opens alot of blank workbooks one after another. It does not fail as expected. Sorry forgot to add this in my original message.