Why Vasari and other Autodesk Lab are So Windows Centric?

I am actually a Mac user and trying these cool apps in my Windows partition on my Mac. I am surprised that such seeming advance programming is restricted to Windows! Make it appalled actually. It seems like the beauty of web apps is that they are neutral and that the main focus should be to make sure they run in all standards based browsers.

To me it seems like they are acting like it is the 90's or something. What debt does Autodesk owe Microsoft to cause them to not even want to mention that these apps can run on other browsers?

Please give me hope and make me feel welcome ;)

I see so many apps seem to be moving to the cloud entirely. Not being a programmer I wonder if the heavy apps could run on the cloud. I know they could but would probably have to be rewritten. Maybe Autodesk is a bit shortsighted in not going this way. The problem is all the stuff happening on the desktop is using MS specific technology. I don't understand why they do that and should do whatever it takes to use open standards.

I imagine it was a huge task porting Autocad to the Mac so many they have some base that a neutral engine could be developed. I had already been following the Solidworks Live Building news which is supposed to run on all platforms. It actually seems somewhere between Vasari and Revit in that it is a conceptual modeler, energy aware, but has arch tools like Revit.

Hi SF,

I totally appreciate your desire to see this application on a Mac, but are you are referring to Vasari as a web app? While Vasari does use cloud-based services to run analysis calculations and free up the desktop machine for other uses, it is not itself browser based. Geometry creation, parametrics, schedules, etc are all running on your local machine like a standard application.