Why parameter value not set for all elements in the project when first time run script?

Hi! Please help me. (sorry for my english)))
I create a new script and has a problem with set parameter value… Dynamo is not be set value on all element in first run? only second time or third or more. Why? I am don’t understand… (sorry for my english)))
This is first time run

Which parameter are you trying tot change? Is it Level?

Going in and out of Excel we noticed it reads the data and applies it to the parameters when the EXCEL file is opened. Then if your script accesses this data at all (We write to the file, then read from it after it’s preformed a VLOOKUP.) that essentially EXCEL is still thinking while Dynamo is looking for a filled out table. Dynamo isn’t waiting on EXCEL to think, so it pulls null values and writes them all to the parts. Running the same exact script (clicking run a second time) allows the tables to be populated already from the previous execution, so when it reads for write, it doesn’t have to process the EXCEL code again, as they’re both running simultaneous without a wait state between them the values are essentially prepopulated and have proper data to apply.

I’ve gone round and round trying to add pauses and change the logic, but since it reads on open, there’s not much I can do. I haven’t witnessed this on a Revit only data push, but you might be dealing with something very similar.

This is shared parameter for rooms

Ok, But i don’t used ecxel file. I get description parameter from walls and get this in shared parameter for rooms…

So I think I know what happened… This problem in name parameter “Wall finishing”. Parameter don’t wil be with space in name… When I created a new parameter “WallFinishing”, without space in name, dynamo worked is normal. Thanks all for help