Why is multipleInputForm++ giving me negative value for my inputs in sequence node?

although i provided positive values in the inputs of multipleInputForm++ node, and it is showing positive values in the list as well. but when i plug these into sequence node, it tells me these values are negative!! why is this happening? what kind of output is coming from multipleInputForm++ node?

I think the problem is not with negative or positive, but if it’s really an integer. It’s possible that it’s a float number. You can convert it to integer, just type this to a code block: x:int put this code block just before the sequence node.

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“Asked to convert non- convertible types.”

Do not add spaces around the semicolon, just simply x:int

Can you check the type of the output of first item with object.type node? before and after the int conversion? I think my assumption that it’s a float was wrong, and it’s a string.

  • If the type is System.String, use the String.ToNumber node to convert it to number.
  • I just checked and the sequence node works with non integers, so you don’t need a x:int
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Yeah man, all the outputs were strings (checked by object.type)
And i converted them to numbers using string to number node! :+1:

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Thanks alot for sparing time for me. You are the best :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: