When a list has colons...What does that signify? I didn't learn that part

How can I remove the colons and just get the list items. image

ElementName and ElementId

Hi Marcel, not the Green.

I’m looking at the Family:

The colons.

How do I extract those and have a normal list. Not a string either as I will need those elements down stream.

That is not something you can remove without parsing the items like @Marcel_Rijsmus suggested using other nodes. It is added by default so you can understand what the Type of element it is. Can you show an example of what your after like in a node block or something and we can help?

I’m looking for a way to feed this list into a Bounding Box like so.

Currently in this list, I get errors. So I compared the two lists and this one (with the Family:) is throwing errors.

Thank you.

Because you can’t have a bounding box of a Family, you need Family Instances or placed Family Types to bound.

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