What is the difference If and ScopeIf+

I used If node and ScopeIf+ node (from Clockwork) and got different results.
I’ve searched about this but I have no clue.

(if the point list of Element.Location+ is empty, the result Tag Location Point.)

Can anyone explain it easily?


The clockwork github page defines the clockwork version as a more robust version of the core ScopeIf node (which can also deal with levels)


The Dynamo Dictionary describes ScopeIf as helping deal with two lists of different lengths.


I presume (others may give a better solution!) that feeding a single ‘empty list’ into ‘false’ and multiple ‘location points’ into ‘true’ is the problem…

Hope that helps,


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I saw the links.
I think you’re right.
Thank you so much for your help!