What is Dynamo speed requirement or specification?

Hi Dynamo,
I’ve just learn in a tutorial on how to create a basic modeling as attached below…
but, in the tutorial video I saw that model can be formed a 3d solid or surface quite fast in few second, but my one is taking longer time about few minutes.

my pc specs :slight_smile:
OS Win10
CPU intel i7 gen8 8700 3.2-4.6Ghz
RAM 2x32GB
VGA GTX 1070ti 8GB
Seagate Barracuda 2TB

according to my above specs, actually should be enough for just a simple basic modeling, right ? but. im not sure what make my 3d model/surface run very slow than expected. how about the proper setting or configuration to make it faster ? please kindly advice me.

Thanks & Regards,

Your specs are very good. Dont worry its better than most users.

Especially if you work with a lot of data or greate complex geometry your Computer need some time.
Sometimes they cut video because its useless time for watchers.

Maybe you chose MANUAL instead of AUTOMATIC (left down corner) so it only calculate if necessary
check it

Maybe your data input its huge or you your dynamo-Skript is inefficient…

Dont know if under Dynamo -> Option -> numberformat and Renderaccurancy can help you to increase the process.

Hi mate, thanks for sharing your opinion…
I take note on this input. :slight_smile: