What do you use Dynamo for in Civil 3D or Revit?

You have done a amazing work with you Aussie BIMGuru on youtube and I wish the best with your toolbar. Hope there will be a PyCivil as well :slight_smile:

Agree on that. I’m not that experienced in Python or C# at all but when I compare the effort the programmers at my company having and the time they put in to their work Dynamo is great for those quick tasks and when it comes to the big ones it let them fix it.


I utilize “Dynamo for Revit” to accomplish tasks that cannot be efficiently executed manually. Some examples of these tasks include:

  1. Locating elements with respect to scope boxes and accurately adding scope box names to element parameters.

  2. Efficiently splitting trays, ducts, and pipes based on reference to scope boxes and conforming to standardized lengths.

  3. Generating unique tag numbers and material identifiers based on specific logical criteria.

  4. Conducting background operations to seamlessly open Revit models and export them to IFC format.

  5. Creating comprehensive views and sheets, specifically organized by individual rooms or scope boxes.

  6. Calculating precise duct fittings area without any additional parameters.

  7. Determining the exact center of gravity for prefab modules.

  8. Exporting scope boxes as 3D elements in NWC format on occasion.

Overall, utilizing Dynamo for Revit enables me to enhance productivity and achieve accurate results for complex tasks within the program.