Watch Note - text input is cut off


When I connect a single text to Watch node, I have some difficulties with reading first letter:

Connecting list of items works fine so the problem is only with single text (longer than 4 characters).

Does anyone faced such an issue?
I’m using Dynamo 2.5 in Revit 2021

Here for your Clarification,Test

Hello @abalazy

Is this one instance, or happening again and again for you? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it always looks like this :confused:

@_Vijay I would like to have it this way. Do you know how can I get it?

I do not experience the same issue in the same version… :thinking:

If you copy and paste the watch node, does it fix it? (i.e random behavior), or is it happening every time, no matter what you do? (i.e it is reproducible).

It happens all the time.
I’m afraid the problem is deeper…

what is your display scaling set to? - under display settings in windows control panel.

I’ve tried a few variations with rebooting Revit and Dynamo.
Unfortunately with no results


Hi @abalazy

Try changing screen resolution from 2880×1620 to 1920x1080 and reboot your pc.


@Kulkul you are a genius! Thank you very much :wink: