Watch node is blank in build 0.6.2 in Revit 2013?

Hi team, I have searched around for this issue...but yeah why is the Watch node blank? It expands and what not but will never display the list values...just a blank space.

Zach, I gave another shot installing the Dec 15th build and it seems to be working now. As to your question, I am really not sure, but I guess I was opening the old ones somehow; I didn't know I could even do that since using a newer build. Do the sample files have something to do with it because they were created in earlier versions?

Are you opening up the old malfunctioning nodes and running it, or are you rebuilding the nodes in the Dec 15 build?

Andreas I tried your suggestion but have not had luck. I tried the Dec 15th build as well as the Dec 21st build and my Watch node still does not display any information, but the Watch 3D does.

I have attached an image.

Thanks Andreas I will give it a shot.

I think that was posted as an issue here.

If you install one of the recent daily builds, this should be resolved. I am currently on the Dec 15th build and it feels stable.