Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. unitType is an invalid unit type. See UnitUtils.IsValidUnitType() and UnitUtils.GetValidUnitTypes(). Parameter name: unitType

Hey everyone, I have been trying to input some number values to an instance shared parameter but I keep getting this error.

Hi @yousrakadcha78 ,

You are feeding the wrong input type into the node, see the error.
Maybe you can try using String.FromObject and NumberToString in between the Unit Converter and the List.Transpose.

Actually, my parameter type is set to number. And the list contains numbers (u can check the screen below)

@yousrakadcha78 , although your output is a number, it maybe of a different format (Eg., Double64). Try following @Daan 's method. If it doesn’t work, try the method below.

I faced a similar situation and this workaround helped me.

Hope this solves your issue!


Probably something here could help…


I was able to solve it, thanks a lot for your help guys!


Thanks @yousrakadcha78. Please mark this topic closed.