Wall Layer Reference node not getting the right layer

I am trying to get the Core Centre reference of these walls and somehow it is not getting the right wall reference layer.

I have attached both the revit file and the dynamo file.

Any idea?
Thank you in advance.Test core center dimension.dyn (21.0 KB) Dimension Script test 1.rvt (2.8 MB)

Hi @migueliyus,

I think this is the same error as in this topic :

I’ve no good explanation at the moment.
The custom node does not use an API method to find the layers and their references because it does not exist in the API.
I therefore use an empirical method of parsing the wall references which does not always seem to work.

Use instead the Element Reference node to retrieve the core center :

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Thank you for your quick response Alban and thank you for the Genius loci Package, it is very helpfull.

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