Wall Finish in Space with Getsurroundinglements


I’ve created a graph to set parameter values to finish walls in a space.

The graph worked so far if the spaces are not next to each other.

In the following floorplan I have 2 spaces next to each other (2.2 Toilet & 2.8 Badkamer 1):


I’ve created 2 filters for testing the graph.

Walls are red if the parameter value of “ruimte” is 2.2 Toilet
Walls are green if the parameter value of “ruimte” is 2.8 Badkamer 2

When I run the first time it works. The finish walls are showing red. But when I’m using the script again for the other room it overrides the parameter value of the 2 wall finishes (which are not in the space 2.8 Badkamer 2)


Someone knows what is causing this problem?