Morning all,
i thought that the endLevel was the equivalent of the top constraint, was i wrong?

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Just use Element.SetParameterByName just after Wall.ByCurveAndLevels to set the “Top Constraint” parameter with the Level.LevelAbove values. It should not modify the resulting walls geometry.

That’s what i’m doing but i wonder why it’s not working with the native node

Very quick answer, to be validated: It could be because setting the height is the only option available through the API:
Create(Document, Curve, ElementId, ElementId, Double, Double, Boolean, Boolean)
Creates a new rectangular profile wall within the project using the specified wall type, height, and offset.

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If it’s the case, the next series of node should be bundle in it (SetParameter)… my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it looks like the Top Constraint cannot be set during the creation of the wall.

@Daniel_Hurtubise this process could very easily be combined into a custom node or a codeblock.

We agree Nick. The OOTB node should default to that… looks like it’s been dumped in there quickly :slight_smile: