Wait for Revit Popup with Error

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I ran into a stupid problem, which I can´t solve on my own.

My script copies over some elements from a reference file via (Springs.Doc.CopyFromLinkInstance). Everything works fine, but I want to create a Popup where I see the elements and IDs of Objects which could not be copied for some reason.

After copying the elements over Revit creates a popup which is saying that some elements cannot be placed and I delete these elements. The problem is, that I can´t figure out a way to wait for this popup. All the following nodes are already “created” or filled with infos. Is there a way to recalculate these nodes after changes to the Elements (Element Deletes) so I can create a proper Popup with Errors that occured?

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@Jannis Are you able to share your python code? If so, please post your dyn

It might be worth reaching out to the creator of the Synthetic package. Their nodes deal with dialogue commands so they might have a good grasp on how to interact of anticipate/wait for these.

I’m not very python savvy but thought maybe that might be helpful… good luck!

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My take is that you are better off with revit plugin instead of dynamo if you wanna do event watcher kind of thing. But like what @GavC has recommended, you can go try out this package and use task dialog node to try and achieve what you wanna do (of course there must be some sort of indicator that shows your copied of elements had failed)

and yea, please upload your script as suggested by @salvatoredragotta so we know where to start helping out with your issue :slight_smile:

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