Waffle Pod Slabs - Concrete Beam Array


I have been trying to create a waffle pod slab graph

The slabs comprise of a grid of beams formed using polystyrene boxes. The correct method of set out is to pick a point that requires the least number of polystyrene boxes to be cut. So the start point could be any corner of the polygon slab perimeter. I’m interested to see if anyone has tried this before, finding the concrete beam edge positions in an irregular polygon is proving difficult. At this stage I’m not trying to calculate the most efficient design, I want to manually pick a corner.

I have my edge beams being placed correctly, but I have not made much progress on the waffle ‘Grid’

Thank you

Here a suggestion on how to generate the waffle ‘grid’:
I created it starting from a generic surface from where I selected a point. Next step was to define the orientation of the waffle and for that, we need to specify a vector that will become the X of the “grid coordinate system”.
The logic at the end is simple: intersect the main surface with well-oriented planes.

Here the graph to let you better understand.

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Thanks for your help. I have a few questions.
Does you graph work for shapes that are not simple rectangles? (see below)

So far I have only managed to get the points to locate along the slab perimeter, but I can see that they are not populating the entire perimeter. It may just be my lacing and levels.Waffle.dyn (77.1 KB)
I am also curious to see the data that is being fed into the curve start point node at the beginning of your example. I have attached my WIP graph to help explain.

Thank you

Yes, the graph will work also for other shape. The logic can be applied almost wherever.

This graph created the result in the image by starting from the selection of simple curve in Revit, useful to define the patch of the surface. you can of course skip this first part and use directly your surface.
WaffleByngDub.dyn (53.7 KB)

Another method that should work for any shape is to use IsoCurves. :grinning:


Good method too. Depending on the generation of the geometry you could also not need the Geometry.Intersect node.

Starting from this base can also be implemented some steps more in order to define a custom starting point for the waffle.

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@ byngDub

I’m fairly new to all this and the waffle slab is an avenue I was also looking at as well. Would you be so kind to share what you have completed?