Voronoi facade design based on sunlight analysis

Hello. I want to create a Voronoi facade and optimize the opening of the facade based on the sunlight analysis. I created the 2D Voronoi and I want the size of the windows to change parametrically to have the most optimized openings based on sunlight. but I don’t know how to accomplish it.

like this: ?

if yes
Have a look here

maybe it helps.
There are more ways i think

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Try this facade pattern.

Thank you. I’ll watch the video to see if I can learn from it

It is nice. I want the sizes of holes to change according to sun pattern and I am seeking to know how to do that

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  • get parameter value from sun pattern
  • use voronoi to randomly generate void location and size on panel
  • calculate solid and void area
  • map 2 value