Volume not shown in o|Material.SumByElement node

Hi all,

I had been working on this script for a family that is coming from Autodesk Inventor. I am using the o|Material.SumByElement node from the Orchid package.

What I need help with is to understand why the “area” is showing the value, but “volume” is empty? It is a big chunk of concrete. It should show at least something. Interestingly, other materials come with their correct corresponding volumes. I can verify them from Inventor’s BOM.


Any help is much appreciate :slight_smile:

Does the element have a Membrane layer with 0" thickness?

How can I ascertain that? Because I am not the one who designed it in Inventor. I tried some nodes for compoundstrutureayers, but all I receive is null.
Update: at least visually, I can see that the concrete part has thickness.

In order to close this thread, I will write the following explanation. The problem was coming from the Inventor files. They had a phantom mass and overlapping elements, which had caused Revit to not calculate the volume in the first place. Not a Dynamo issue.