ViewSet.ByViews.Name Springs Printing Placeholder Sheets

Hello all,

I use ViewSet.ByViewsName to create view sets from an excel file. The other day the excel file contained consultant sheet numbers and names in addition to ours. In the sake of experimentation I decided to run the script rather than coping pasting just our sheets to a new page. The Revit file only contains consultant sheets as placeholders so i thought nothing would happen since you (theoretically) cannot print placeholder sheets.

Well it turns out you can print placeholder sheets if you use dynamo. The problem is that the placeholder sheets are now permanently checked to print. If I open the select sheet and hit check none (3-5 times) then hit ok and print it will print 59 (the number of placeholder sheets I printed) blank pages (placeholder sheets do not have title blocks). If I do the same thing but check some views or sheets it will print the amount I checked + 59.

Does anyone have a way to un-check all of these through dynamo?

So a Placeholder sheet and regular sheet are both inheriting from a View object. That’s why you were able to add a placeholder to a view set. I would just re-create that view set, but this time don’t include the placeholders.

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Thank you very much. I had to set it to override. This then got ride of all the placeholder sheets in the view set. Before it was just adding to the list.

Thanks for getting back so quickly as well.