View3D.SetSectionBox and View.SetCropBox failed in R22


I am testing my scripts in Revit 22 and I have a error when I try to set a section box in a 3D view.
Does someone know what the problem can be?


Jan Willem

What is the error you are getting on the Rhythm node? I have it working on my end with an existing 3d view.


Hi John,

Thanks for youre reply.
The rhythm node give the same error.

Is there something changed in my version and the last version of rhythm?


Existing view as showed by @john_pierson and as well new view also working fine… :roll_eyes:

@john_pierson @_Vijay

Hmm this is strange, this works fine for me too but when I run the whole script he give an error

Woah. that is an error for the new documentation browser…

@solamour is this something ya’ll need to be aware of?

Definitely appreciate the shotuout @john_pierson! Not sure if this is simply a case we don’t catch (i.e. you had the document browser open, rather than clicking “Read More” on the node in question), or it’s a broken documentation link.

Any thoughts @Michael_Kirschner2?

should be fixed here:

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