View Templates


I want add view tamplates to the views and I dont know where is mistake, Can anyone help me?

Hi @Gytis_Jurgelevicius

Your likely to get help if you can drop relevant files or show complete graph showing values of each nodes with extended errors. The information you have provided is limited.

Looking back to your screenshot you connected views in list1 for List.Combine node. Try reversing connection between list1 & list2.

@Kulkul thanks for replay.

I attached my dyn and excel for more info

ProjectStructure.xlsx (38.3 KB)
08.4-CreateViews-Asign view template.dyn (142.3 KB)

@Gytis_Jurgelevicius and also your dummy rvt file.

Project1.rvt (1.9 MB)

@Gytis_Jurgelevicius Its working now. Try this script 08.4-CreateViews-Asign view template.dyn (138.0 KB)

@Kulkul Its very strange, for me it doesn’t works