View Sets to Publish

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Is there a way to set a View Set to publish:

Thank you.

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@evgeny.kurbatov Did you find a solution for this? Makes life so much easier if we can manage publish settings through dynamo!

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At this time the publish settings is not accessible in the API, which means that there is no direct way to configure it via Dynamo or other usual means. You can add support to this Revit idea post to illustrate the need for the feature being added: Make the “Publish settings” tool functions available in the API - Autodesk Community.

As an alternative I recommend adding a “publish” set to the Revit template, and assign a view/sheet set to that (even if it’s mostly empty). Once that is added all projects will start with this configuration, so it’ll always be prepared to publish whatever is in that view set.

Because that publish set is already configured, you can then directly manipulate the view set, commit the transaction, and then set up your publish via Forge.

If you already have a project underway and utilizing a new template isn’t possible, the above won’t work for you, but it should be kept in mind for the next job. If you find yourself in that situation there is a PostableCommand which could be called to automate setting the publish set via other automation means (not Dynamo). PostableCommand Enumeration ( Because that is outside the capabilities of Dynamo you’d have to look into another automation method. If you need help there I recommend starting a thread on the Revit API forum.

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