View Properties - Color Scheme

Anyone have a clue how to get this from (say) the current view? The problem is that the parameter “Color Scheme” of such view simply gives a “non pointer” value, from which no further data can be seen. Not to mention … that list shows at least 3 “Color Scheme” properties. E.g. see this screen cap showing the properties palette of the selected view and the list of parameters:

Color Scheme

My idea is to then extract all the different colours in that scheme and create single colour-filled images named accordingly. Then import those images into an Image parameter so I can turn the schedule into a colour fill legend.

Hi Irneb,

The color scheme is a built-in parameter. You might be able to extract it with the “Get Built In Parameter” node from the archi-lab package. However I don’t think you’ll be able to do much more with it because the functionality you’re after is not supported by the API yet.