Vectorial lacing only with the same specific sublist

Hello, i am working in a improvement to make one of my workflows more time-efficient. To accomplish that, i am trying to figure how i can have a better use of the vectorial data lacing. I want to discover the way to use the vectorial lacing, but only with same sublist placed in the same list. Here is one example: I am lacing two different list, one with 6 letters (a-f) and other with 3 numbers (1-3). If i work with those list separately, i obtain 36 (6x6) and 9 (3x3) values.

The problem begins when i try to do the same thing but with the two list joined. Instead of getting 45 values (36+9), i am getting 81, which forces to me to fix that with more nodes, making me lost computational time (minding that this is only an example, real projects would have a lot more data to process)

So, is there any way to get the the vectorial lacing only with the same sublist and not with the others?

Thank you for your time


You would either have to do the sublists separately (like your first image) or do it in Python.

The perfect final solution would be an unique list, with the consecuents sublist, each one with the vectorial lacing of the origin sublists with same index
i do not know much about python so i would prefer a classic node solution

If you’re looking for a nodal solution I think you’ll have to separate your sublists to use the lacing in your first image and then join the lists back together.

That was the first thing that i got in mind, but the problem is that if i want to do that, ill need to know the exact number of items (sublists) each time that i want to use this trick, so i do not see it as an optimal solution. If i would ask for a python solution i would need something that allows me to apply one funcion node (in this case +) in each sublist of a list, like a strange vectorial

Honestly the python code for this would be very simple. It’s just a matter of getting your for loops setup correctly. I would suggest looking into python as it’s a very powerful tool and not too hard to learn once you get started.

Ok, anyway would you know the python code for this?

Nevermind, I actually found an easy solution but thanks for the interest. So no more vectorial lacing for large projects!!