Vasari beta 2 about to expire, school system using revit 2013 predicament

Hello guys, I am managing the media software for an architecture school and the tutors have requested installing Vasari and dynamo onto the computers for student use. We currently have revit 2013 on the computers and will not be able to update it to 2014 until next year. I am happy to use vasari beta 2 for this semester, however it says it will expire on the 8/31/2013. Which is not long enough for our needs.

Is there a solution to this ?

On the date of expiry 31/8/2013, does vasari beta2 become non functional, meaning i wont be able to open and use it anymore?


Hi, yes, after 8/31/13, you won't be able to open Vasari Beta 2 and there are no real work arounds if you need to use Vasari Beta 3 files in Revit 2013. Note that you can go the other way and use Revit 2013 files in Vasari Beta 3.