Variable height on array

Hi, I am using arrays on families, they are framing families and I place studs on panels.
But the panels are not always rectangular, for example on a wall connected to a gable roof.

Is it possible to have a variable height on an array, so each element on the array will adjust its height to the extrusion where it is inserted automatically?

something like:

It is not a wall but a panel.
Any Ideas?

Any of these options is viable:

  • Use a curve based family and use curves created by generating a line constrained by the solid geometry.
  • Use an adaptive component family, controlled by 3 (or 4) points controlled by UV parameters on the surface and an offset point based on the normal at that point on the surface
  • Add a ‘height’ parameter to the family and set the height value to the length of a line constrained by the solid model at each stud’s location.

If you upload your dyn and a sample file you’ll be able to get more precise answers.

Again thanks a lot, Jacob.

My dyn is not necessary as it places each panel and that is working I just need to figure out how to have the panels working correctly
I’ve been trying to do this for a long time.

Hi Jacob, I think maybe I had a confusing post.
In that case, Dynamo is not directly involved. Yes, I am using dynamo with those families but not to create the families. I use a dynamo scrip to automatically insert the families, and this is working fine. What I am trying to find out here is a way to design the families in a way they will work better for me.
The families have nested structural components, and these components are not cut by voids so I was wondering if I could create an array of studs using the array tool on the family creator to have them adjusting automatically to panels that have a gable cut.

Sending you a PM to discuss.