Value of read-only parameter changes to Zero

Hello! Happy Friday everyone!
Could you please help me to understand what I am doing wrong or why this is happening?
I have a list of areas and I need to get Area from each area to write the values to other element parameter. Areas were created with SteamNodes Area.CreateAtPoint, parameters show value, but when I GetParameterValue they turn to 0, why?

What do the properties say in Revit?


Hi @Nick_Boyts, here are properties in Revit

My best guess is it’s a units thing. Unbound areas wouldn’t give you a 0.
What’s your Geometry Working Range?

It is Medium, too low?

No, that should be fine.

Try placing an Area manually then pull the parameter value with Dynamo and see if it does the same thing.

Do a crossing selection in Revit over the areas. My guess is you have duplicates in the same bounding loop as a result of mismanaged element bindings.

Hi @JacobSmall, Checked, no duplicates of areas, still giving 0’s. Ran simple script on the same model with same areas, got the needed values! Why I could not get same in the original script? May WAIT node help with this?

If you’re using one graph to create the areas, and asking to get the area of the areas in the same graph, then yes, adding a wait for could help. It’s unclear what is happening in the larger graph.

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