Сut openings from solid

is this poosible to cut geometry by curvebound inside the geometry /faces ?

faces - its room faces . curve inside (closed frame of openings)- its wall opening curve (door, windows or curtain panel)

@erfajo thanks for links… i think its some little similar, but im just not understand how i can use this for my case…

my task is abstract. im not need to create holes in Revit walls. im need to create holes in the room faces in Dynamo because of im just want to take room faces area without openings areas

im get room faces

faces which touch/intersects with walls

And this room face area im want to get

i’ll try to get curves of openings from the one selected wall, but cant

@erfajo Thank you! Edge.CurveGeometry its most helpful node for me! )

And now if i have a Surfaces of room and curve inside them - can i cut geometry (surfaces) from this curve??


@til.shviger The Geometry.Split node should work :slight_smile:

@awilliams its should work)
but i m must convert my lines to surface and after cut them may be… but iim not now how…at first , im must get loop of closed lines and after from this loop create surface if it possible. If it possible - node Geometry.Split should work imho

Why not get the geometry of the walls and intersect it with the room geometry? That would give you the opening (wall geometry excludes openings) provide the results on a per room basis.

Because of im need to get exterior walls area for every rooms. One wall is can belongs to several rooms

By intersecting them with the rooms you will have a face for each wall in each room. :wink:

yes, but its faces (room faces - not wall faces) without openings. Wall faces have openings but intersects with more rooms
that’s why I want to punch a hole exactly in ROOM FACES

actually I found the solution to the problem the other way . I use the grouping and mathematical subtraction of the found area . But it is an abstraction. I want to see in Dynamo these holes and then my soul calms down

Does connecting the output from Edge.CurveGeometry to a Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves node and then Surface.ByPatch get you the surfaces you want?

Dear @awilliams i m already try this))) its good idea but im catch some errors

I think here as in “X-Files”. The truth is somewhere nearby

but now Im go to sleep. Thanks all

Hello !
This topic is really interesting, did you succeed ?