Using Dynamo for consistency across several Revit projects: Dynamo Capabilities?


Fresh from AU my big take away was trying to use Dynamo to automate tasks. I am brand new to Dynamo so i am unaware of the scope and abilities of Dynamo.

So here is something that would be amazing if it could be automated:

I am working an a project that has multiple buildings and 3 Revit files. Is there a way to automate things so that they are consistent across the files. For example some ideas that would be great to automate: (similar to ‘Transfer Project Standards’ but more thorough?)

  • Families (titleblocks, doors, windows)
  • Detail Components (check to see if the latest version is loaded)
  • Schedules (Room, Door)
  • Wall Types
  • Project Information
  • basically anything that should be consistent across multiple Revit files
I understand this is vague, but is this even in the scope of what Dynamo can do? It is similar to 'Transfer Project Standards' but it is a good way to check if i might have changed the thickness of wall insulation in one project and it is different in another project. Or if i have revised a window in one project and haven't loaded it into another.

This could also be possibly useful to check to see if the engineers drawing set has the correct title block and information, etc…

Andreas Dieckmann's contribution at AU 2015?

ryan, that is exactly what dynamo can do for you!

just remember Andreas Dieckmann’s contribution at AU where he shows that he is checking his student’s projects for consistency


I would like to be able to use Dynamo as a replacement for Copy Monitor.

Across files, can Dynamo be used maintain and update the same Level Elevations?

How about using Dynamo to update Grid Line Positions between files.

Can these tasks be improved with Custom Nodes?