Use parameter calculated by an abacus

good morning everybody I have the following problem:

I would like to calculate the total weight of the beam in a strcture: I assigned the value of the density to each element, the volume of each element is automatically calculated by revit so I create an abacus in whitch I calculate the mass of each element as volume*density by a calculated parameter called “weight of the beam”.

unluckily i can’t export to excel directly through the calculated parameter “weight of the beam” because is just a parameter of the abacus, so I would need a function in dynamo which allows me to transfer the value of the “weight of the beam” calculated in the abacus to an instance parameter for each beam.

I think I need some identificative parameter for having this passage.

Anyway, some ideas? How can i do?

I allegue below the abacus I referred to.

thanks in advance

Create project parameter -> use dynamo to get parameter values using GetParameterByName node -> Convert units -> use SetParameterByName node to write those parameter values -> Export to excel.

hi kulkul thanks for your answer but I’m not sure to had present well the problem.

The function GetparameterByname node need the elements to get the parameter and the name of the parameter but my values (the weight of the beams) are just in a calculated parameter in an abacus and they are not associated to the beams, so I can’t use them.

I would need a function that allows me to bring the values of the calculated parameter in the abacus (weight of the beams) to each beam through an identificative ( I suppose), can you halp me?

thanks for myour answer.

Use custom node from Bimorph package to read schedule data.