Use of sequence number for "get item at index" vs specifying index number

Hello, I’m trying to grab items from two separate lists at a specified index. In one list the contents are sheets, one item is grabbed. In the other list are revisions, often times more than one. When I use a code block to specify the index number, the correct contents are grabbed from each list. The problem is when I attempt using a sequence to feed the number to the get item at index, only one revision is grabbed instead of all that are at the index.

How can I achieve this without losing data from the revisions list?

Here you go

Or you can chop the existing ParameterName list as required and set the Level and Lacing on the SetParameterByName node.

Or you can use a different Element Id node and set appropriate Level and Lacing to achieve the same result.

Thank you Amol! This looks promising and I’ll try it very soon here. Thanks for taking the time to respond, greatly appreciated!

You taught me something new today. I was always under the impression that using certain nodes with @level was referring to the levels in the Revit model rather than the level within lists containing sublists. This is going to open up a lot of options for me with past graphs that I’ll revisit. Also learned the proper use of List.OfRepeatedItem. However, I’m not able to find the ElementID node you used in your example. The one I’m using shows input error message but still works. Thanks again for the response!

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It’s good to hear that it solved your problem and also pointed you in the right direction!

Btw, I never used an ElementID node (it’s a List.Flatten node), all the nodes in my solution which have "Your: " in their name refer to the nodes from your graph. So you were supposed to use your existing nodes there.

If I’m not wrong that warning message is because the Input is named as > on that node. It should work just fine if you can ignore the error.