Use of dynamo in project template


Hello guys,


i was eable to use dynamo visual programming for creating group of parametrically cotrlled family, which i could do only in mass template, my dought is why cant we do it in generic template or project template.


Also how do i rotate a family using dynamo , using which node.



Below is a possible way for rotation of Structural Framing using Rotate Transform

Dynamo file attached. Works with RVT

Vikram Subbaiah


Hi Preetesh,

everything in your definition looks like it should work just fine in any RFA or RVT environment . . . can you upload the associated files and I can take a closer look?

For rotation, we unfortunately don't have a rotation node, but you can build families that have a rotation parameter you can then manipulate using "Set Family Instance Parameters" or make a 2 or 3 placement point adaptive component to drive the placement more precisely.