Update of multiple geometric parameters preventing an extrusion geometry check by Revit


I have written a Dynamo graph for the insertion, location and modification of geometrical parameters of several instances of this family which includes an extrusion of a poligon whose vertexes are defined as instance paramters . Everything goes fine till I try to change the values of those instance parameters (x1 to x12, y1 to y12) using the Element. SetParameterByName node.

Individual modification of the vertexes works, so my graph is correct in some sense

The problem I have found is that, in order to go from the default geometry to the modified geometry, varying the parameters values one by one, there are intermediate ilegal geometries for Revit (it is a extrusion). Is there any way to change all the set of geometrical parameters of a family instance while preventing Revit from performing this extrusion validity check at each parameter modification?

I imagine that this would impact also the speeed of execution of the script, as it is not necessary to regenerate the extruded elements till all the parameters values (final geometry) have been updated.

Any ideas?

I found this excellent blog from Paolo Emilio Serra including an article called:
Set multiple parameters at once with Dynamo

http://puntorevit.blogspot.com/2017/05/set-many-parameters-at-once-with-dynamo.html showing ways to send multiple parameter names and lists of values in lists. However, I am not sure if the parameters are really getting updated at once or there is some kind of internal loop in Dynamo and is one by one. I would need to make quite a lot of changes in my graph to test it so I would be nice if some Dynamo expert could give an opinion/experience.

Hi…regarding the article you linked, there is an other way to apply a “list of list” of parameter value, to a list of parameter of a list of element.

Try something like this:


Keep calm and remember lacing. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I do not think it is a problem of lacing. I have the same issue when updating the parameters through the revit interface. Revit does check the validity of each change of parameter in order to redraw the extrusion inside the family instance and complains and, at some point refuses to update the geometry (that is fine, because it is illegal). However, after changing all the parameters (when reaching thre final shape), Revit realizes that the geomtery is correct and draws the entity properly