Unlocking a Panel Board Spare


Is there a way to report a panel board circuit breaker (slot) Locked status and then change said circuit breaker(s) to be unlocked? Using the IsSlotLocked method of the PanelScheduleView Class I can report the values of True and False by Cell to determine if the Slot is Locked, but I am unable to change the Slot from Locked to Unlocked. Is this possible through Python/Dynamo?

I have looked into Assigning a Name of a Spare through this thread:
But this only covers renaming and assigning a VA value to a Spare.

Please see below for a portion of my graph and the Python script for the IsSlotLocked node:

As of last year, there were still no API methods for locking or unlocking panel slots. I haven’t seen any changes to this yet.

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I haven’t seen any changes to this either, thanks for confirming @Nick_Boyts !