Uninstall Dynamo from Revit 2020

How can i uninstall dynamo from revit 2020?
It slows down starting Revit.

I develop my own add-ins so i don’t need Dynamo.



You’d have to manually remove the add-in the way you would for any other one, but from a different location. Information on ‘how’ to do this can likely be gained by praying the Dynamo for Revit GitHub.

I would not recommend this unless you add it back for periodic testing as you develop. Not doing so will prevent you from knowing what your customers/users will run into with dependency overlap between the add-in(s) you develop and the ones which they will have preinstalled.

For what it’s worth, my experience has indicated that launch time is not significantly impacted, least not to the point that I would want to risk putting myself into a non supported build state (you’re technically modifying the installed state) would be worth the time gained.

Thanks, i will keep in mind that my end-users will have Dynamo.

could it be that the software Dynocore slows it down?

Never heard of that, but yes any additional add-in could slow things down.