Uniform load

I’d like to put an equal distribution load(uniform load) on the beam. I didn’t know which node to use, so I tried using this node, but I keep getting errors. I need to enter element in host element, but is structural framing also element?
Besides this method, what else is there to give equal distribution load(uniform load) to the beam?

What does the error indicate?

Also you probably need to fill in all the other inputs for the node as well. eg it cannot add a force on if it has no value.

The error is about that it cannot load 'Autodesk.Revit.DB.Structure.AnalyticalModelStick

If you swap out the StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve for a select model element node does this work?


your node is from which package?


I used ‘Structural Design version2022.04.17’ and my Revit and Dynamo are 2023 version.

No. It does not work…

here is


Capture d’écran 2022-07-30 204522

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I don’t have ‘Element Types’ and ‘All Elements of Types’ nodes…
That node can use in Revit 2023 version?

This is the error message. I think that ‘analytical model stick’ is not loaded in my computer.
How can I do that?

In revit 2023 the Structural Analytical system got a full re-work with things changing. Therefore any Structural Analytical packages or code used that works with Revit 2022 or below will need a full re-work to use all of the new classes.

I will add that any Out Of The Box nodes provided with dynamo should work, though i have not tested that.

AnalyticalModelStick does not exist anymore in revit 2023! API Changes 2023

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Then, what should I do to load the beam in dynamo? I need to make it at Revit 2023…

As a replacement within revit 2023 version of dynamo you will need to utilise these nodes:
Element Type - > Element Classes
All Elements of Type - > All Elements of Classes

Have a look under the Revit then analytical Automation section as there may be nodes there for you to utilise.

If you are using a package for the line load then check if there is a update to the package, if there is not then you will probably have to do some Python Coding to get it to work.

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