Unexpected type parameter value

Hello there!

I was trying to get the type parameter values of a steel beam but Dynamo is returning some unexpected values.

here’s a snap shot

Any ideas why the values differ from the ones from the Element.Parameters node? (this list has the correct values) .

Many thanks

It is showing your value in feet… some values in Dynamo will display units according to your project units and some will display the Revit API internal units. This thread has more explanation and a Python solution:

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The fix will be in the next release (1.3.3), but it’s already available in the daily builds: http://dynamobuilds.com/

Another option is to use the MEPover package or convert from feet to cm.

Edit: RC1.3.3 will be released with Revit 2019, RC2.0 will be released with Revit 2019.1. At the same time, daily builds for pre 2.0 are there available already.

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Thank you!

I used this OOTB node to convert the units.


not ideal but will do for now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!