Ui.multiple++ retrieve keys

I’m trying to copy/paste element’s instance parameters.
Multiple Input Form is used to select the desired parameters. I get values but not keys / parameter names.
Do I miss something here or it can’t be done this way ?


Hey there,

Just an idea, but would it work for you to only select the parameter names through the form ?

You could use these outputs with Element.GetParameterValueByName followed by the Element.SetParameterByNamenode both using the parameter names from the form.

Otherwise my guess is that you could get the keys as outputs by editing the Python Node … I’m not sure on this, maybe @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi can give you more specific insights.

Hope I could be of any help.

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Hi @Przemyslaw_Stepien ,
I can think of two ways to solve your issue:

  • first one (recommanded) is to get the parameter name from the form THEN get the parameter value using the parameter name
  • second one (less recommanded…) is to bundle the two elements in the value associated to the keys (dictionary values can be lists!) :
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List.Transpose did the job.

Thank you !