Turn off section marks in specific views

I am trying to turn off section marks in specific views. I can create a list of the views I want. But when i wire that list into the view option of the view set category overrides node I get an error. How do I convert my list of views back into views so the view set category overrides node will accept my view names.

I would use a dictionary here. You can associate each view to its name, filter the names, and then retrieve the views using their names. The dictionary is essentially this:

{view_name1: view,
 view_name2: view,
 view_name3: view}

If you filter the list to just view_name1 and view_name2, you can use the Dictionary.ValueAtKey node to get the value (view) associated with the key (view name).

Here is an example using Walls, but the same basic principle applies.

FilterByKey.dyn (17.2 KB)

Thank you for your response. I haven’t used dictionaries before. I’ll try that

Thank you again. That has sorted out my view problem