TSplines- Valence 2-star points

Im trying to import a T-Splines instance and came upon this error message


How can I filter or convert “valence 2-star points”?

What are “valence 2-star points”

Hard to say.
Try converting the TSpline to a solid.
Otherwise, we’ll need you to post your graph and all necessary data to recreate the issue?
My guess is there are nurbs surfaces defined by coincident points as TSpline geometry is a different method under the hood than typical Dynamo or Revit geometry, and as such surfaces can be very irregular.


Zach Kron also responded on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZachKron/status/1072497745783595013

Looks like you side stepped us entirely. :open_mouth:

Zach was my next stop, and he will steer you along quite well. Please keep this thread updated as you progress so others (myself included) can learn from your work. :slight_smile: