Trim solid with solid

Hi, i just want to Trim a quboid with a solid(roof).

I try to get the part of the quboid thats under the roof solid. (Try to paint the wanted solid in red;)
I don’t need the part of the quboid that’s over the roof.
How i can do this? Any idea?
17_04_08_Forum_Trim2.rvt (1.1 MB)
17_04_08_Forum_Trim.dyn (25.4 KB)

Hi @Hannes


I need the part under the roof and the cuboid together. This needs to be a solid, so i can get the volume of it.
If u translate your blue roof u will see it is empty.

Solid.ByUnion node will give you solid together.

End the roof part it is only smaller, but not lower (need the quboid without the roof)
Here is a better picture: I need the inside of the red line.

Here is how you get that 17_04_08_Forum_Trim(Kulkul).dyn (21.3 KB)

Kulkul, thx for help. But your solution has still the same hight. This means that the roof is trimed by the cuboid and not the other way round. And the roof is hollow which i don’t want.

Maybe it could be better to create planes like the roof surfaces and than trim/cut the cuboid with these?

@Hannes Are you looking for something like this?

Yeah this would be good.
The solid musst fullfill these characteristics:
-a full solid for volume calculation
-solid without the roof solid, but with the room/space under the roof as a solid

Kulkul the note difference does what i want, but with one problem…the upper and the lower part of the cuboid are saved in one solid. Is there a way to separate them?

17_04_10_Forum_difference.dyn (28.5 KB)

Have you tried creating a room (with volume computation enabled) and then extracting the solid geometry from it? That could save you a lot of trouble:

This is an option Dimitar but not for me, because the room below the roof is not filling the hole space and this because of law regulations in my country.:frowning: .

Solved my problem with a way around:

  1. Get surfaces of roof
  2. Sort them by normals
  3. extrude these surfaces to surfaceSolid
  4. calculate the difference of cuboid and surfaceSolid

But is there a way to seperate a splitted solid thats is saved as one solid?

Hello all,

I am having a similar problem i am trying to use a solid to trim another solid but i cant find a way aound it
I want to cut the top part of the pipes that are marked in red