Translate objects to same elevation

Hey all,
I wanna know if there is a way to move alot of objects that are at different elevations to the same elevation. I have a list of curves that are all at different elevations. is there a node that you can translate to z coordinates or elevation?

Like this

Take a look at the Rhythm nodes by @john_pierson there are several nodes that will collect objects at a certain level. You might be able to then move those to another level. Not sure which level they will be hosted on. You say you have curves, but then mention objects. Slightly confusing.

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@Tom_Kunsman sorry about the confusion. say i have a curve at -1’, -2’, and -3’. I want to keep them in the same XandY location and move their z-location to 0’

Look for nodes like PullOntoPlane or ProjectInputOnto.

can i make a surface at the level elevation somehow?

Sure. Use Level.Plane from Clockwork to get the plane of the Level, then create a surface on that plane.

what node creates a surface on the plane?

Rectangle.ByWidthLength + Surface.ByPatch can create a surface on a plane:

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Please try searching for nodes within the library before asking. One of the hardest parts about first learning Dynamo is understanding what nodes you have to work with, and the best way to figure this out is to just search through the library and see what’s there. It will also get you used to the node naming syntax and (inconsistent :roll_eyes:) searching.


You could:


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