Translate Image onto a Facade

Hello everyone !
I am trying to translate a portrait image on a building facade but dont know what is going wrong with the dimensions and ratio that the image is getting translated in wrong direction…Tried a lot of options but not working…It could be your great help if u make me understand the division ratio and pixels formulation.
Thanks in advance
Try.dyn (10.5 KB)

Please upload a camera export of your graph so we can more easily read what’s happening.

Hello…sorry but i dint actually get…i suppose i have uploaded the dynamo file and the image for ur reference…at the same time the snap shot of error m running into

In the office now so I can look at the actual file.

You need to create the “pixels” of your image in the order they are read for the image file. Images are created row by row, from top left to bottom right. Your points are created bottom left to top right. Set the Z points to be created 46…0…#92, and add a List.Transpose between the Point.ByCoordinates and the Geometry.Translate.

Camera export is the button top right corner next to the cloud.


Try.dyn (11.2 KB)

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Thank you so much…That was what i was actually looking for …thx for making me understand the concept.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Task Accomplished… Posting the File for help to community…Thanks a Bunch to JacobSmall
Image On Facade.dyn (125.5 KB)