Translate 1234567 to 1.23.456.7


Hey Guys, im trying to get this to work for me… I just uploaded a picture of this that should give you an idea of what im trying to achive, the script is still very simple, so dident bother to upload it :slight_smile:

Just for summing up, im trying to get a parameter from a family, and in this case it is a number, i then want to put in som . at specific places between the numbers.

Thx in advantage :slight_smile:


String from Object + String.Insert should do it
See other examples here:




See also the Dynamo Dictionary:


@Phanse17 You could also do it in a code block


string formatting might be a more functional way to do the above:



Thx, for the help everybody… Many good inputs… Thx a ton :slight_smile: